Antonio Brandi

    Robot Autonomous Navigation Engineer

    About me

    Hey, I'm Antonio Brandi and I'm glad you are here!

    I am a Robotics Engineer specialized in Autonomous Navigation for Robot applications with several years of experience working with ROS and mobile robots both for industrial and commercial applications.

    Actually I'm working with the brightest minds in the field of ROS and Robotics at Pal Robotics.

    Despite having an Engineering background, I'm a ROS self learner and I know how tough and demotivating it can be rushing through all the concepts and documentations. Furthermore, I genuinely think that the best way to learn something is to scratch your head and build something real that you can interact and play with.

    That's why my courses will handle both the required theoretical background and its implementation in the real world!

    Remember to have fun and experimenting while learning

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