Gaurav Roy

    Application Engineer

    About me

    Passionate Learner with high ambition; Interested in programming and teaching & Info-Security, Game Development, Software Development. Working with a major MNCs Synopsys Inc. Previously worked with YouTube (in Fanfest Brandcast - Oursource project). Taught Programming Languages. 10000+ Students (online & offline) from all over the world + Faculty at CERTSTORE & ByteHash Technology. Senior Writer at w3Schools, StudyTonight, Ewhent Tech. Also an enthusiastic Entrepreneur

    ★ Completed : ♢CEH ♢CHFI ♢Networking Analyst (ByteCode Cyber Security Certified) , ♢PMP ♢EC|SA , ♢L|PT, ♢CCNA  ♢OWASP-10 ♢Diploma-in Data & Internet Security(DIS) ♢ Game Engineering & Dev ♢ Adv. Java ♢DIS (Diploma in Data and Internet Security) ♢Certified App.Security Engineer (Pursuing)

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