Python Pro: The Complete Python Bootcamp for Noobs [ 2023]

Python Pro: The Complete Python Bootcamp for Noobs [ 2023]

Python Pro: The Complete Python Bootcamp for Noobs [ 2023]

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  • 8.5 Hour Run time
  • Instructor - Arbaz Khan
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and Laptop

Welcome to Python Pro: The Complete Python Bootcamp for Noobs, the only course you need to learn to code with Python.

Why learn Python?

According to the latest ratings from the software company TIOBE, Python is now the most popular programming language in the world.

The python language has a very simple syntax(way to write it) to learn and it is one of the most powerful languages to learn since it can be used for a variety of things.

We'll take you step-by-step through engaging video tutorials and teach you everything you need to know to succeed as a Python developer.

Course Curriculum

1. Python Introduction

2. Python Installation

3. Python Syntax

4. Python Comments

5. Python Variables

Variable Names

Assign Multiple Values

Output Variables

Global Variables

Variable Exercises

6. Python Data Types

7. Python Numbers

8. Python Casting

9. Python Strings

Python Strings

Slicing Strings

Modify Strings

Concatenate Strings

Format Strings

Escape Characters

String Methods

String Exercises

10. Python Booleans

11. Python Operators

12. Python Lists

Python Lists

Access List Items

Change List Items

Add List Items

Remove List Items

Loop Lists

List Comprehension

Sort Lists

Copy Lists

Join Lists

List Methods

List Exercises

13.Python Tuples

Python Tuples

Access Tuples

Update Tuples

Unpack Tuples

Loop Tuples

Join Tuples

Tuple Methods

Tuple Exercises

14. Python Sets

Python Sets

Access Set Items

Add Set Items

Remove Set Items

Loop Sets

Join Sets

Set Methods

Set Exercises

15. Python Dictionaries

Python Dictionaries

Access Items

Change Items

Add Items

Remove Items

Loop Dictionaries

Copy Dictionaries

Nested Dictionaries

Dictionary Methods

Dictionary Exercise

16. Python If...Else

17. Python While Loops

18. Python For Loops

19. Python Functions

20. Python Lambda

21. Python Arrays

22. Python Classes/Objects

23. Python Inheritance

24. Python Iterators

25. Python Scope

26. Python Modules

27. Python Dates

28. Python Math

29. Python JSON

30. Python RegEx

31. Python PIP

32. Python Try...Except

33. Python User Input

34. Python String Formatting

35. File Handling

36. Python File Handling

Python Read Files

Python Write/Create Files

Python Delete Files

37. Projects Section

Screenshot Application

Screenshot Application With GUI Interface

Password Generator

Email Sender Application

COVID-19 Updater / Notifier Bot

OCR - Image To Text

Chrome Automation

Text To Speech

Speech To Text

Webcam Application

Screen Recorder

Face Detection

Weather Application

URL Shortener

Internet Speed Test

Who this course is for:
Beginner's in Python
Beginner's Intersented in Developing Projects In Python
Beginner's in Python Curious about Projects
Beginner Python developers curious about AI,ML
Beginner Python developers curious about data science

1-Basics of python
3-Data Types in Python
5-Operators in Python
6 -Strings
7-Python Projects
9-Django Web Development

Arbaz Khan, a Computer Science Engineer.

He is experienced in IoT, Python, Data Science, and learning New Technologies. Also, he is good at C, C++, JAVA.

He love to Automate things like Home Automation and other tasks using Python Programming Language.

He is also running a startup named GetSetCode were they are working on innovative real-time projects related to AI, ML, IOT, Automation, and Robotics.

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