PHP with MySQL- Procedural Part

PHP with MySQL- Procedural Part

PHP with MySQL- Procedural Part

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  • By Sujal khatiwada

This course covers PHP and MySQL from the Very Beginning and even anybody who has never Programmed can take the concepts from this course easily(I believe). If you want to Learn PHP Programming from Scratch then This course might be a good guide for you. This course also covers Mysql from Scratch including how to Create a Database and What is SQL and MySQL, also CRUD operations are performed which is one of the fundamental things that you need while you create websites.

If you're thinking about where to learn backend development and you're lost in this huge world of programming, this is the right place to kick start the backend journey, which will guide you in an easy-to- follow video path in a clear and understandable format of video.

Again, this course is designed by thinking in mind for the peoples with ZERO programming experience. If someone is thinking to learn backend web development using one of the most popular server-side scripting language, then this course will give a solid understanding on the concepts, and you'll get valuable lectures with clear explanations along with coding and understanding the concepts alongside. This course starts from the very basics like setting up the environment and takes up to the level of understanding concepts such as variables, loops, functions, arrays and so on along with using MySQL with PHP.

Who this course is for:

* Begineer PHP Programmer
* Those who are wanting to become a PHP developer.
* Begineer who has never Programmed

1. Introduction
2. PHP intro
3. Variables and Printing in Screen
4. Data Types
5. Strings
6. Numbers and constants
7. Conditions in PHP (Conditional Statements)
8. Operators
9. Switch cases in PHP
10. Loops
11. Functions
12. Arrays
13. Supreglobals in PHP
14. Date and Times in PHP
15. MySql

Hello, It's me Sujal from Nepal and I am a self-taught programmer as well as I've been programming since 11, till then I learned various programming languages such as QBASIC, C, Javascript, and PHP as well as a little bit of python.

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PHP with MySQL- Procedural Part
Sale price Rs. 699.00 Regular price Rs. 1,999.00 Save 65%
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