Learn Bug Bounty Hunting & Web Security Testing From Scratch

Learn Bug Bounty Hunting & Web Security Testing From Scratch

Learn Bug Bounty Hunting & Web Security Testing From Scratch

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  • Instructor - Zaid Sabih

Welcome to my comprehensive course on Bug Bounty Hunting & Web Security Testing course. This course assumes you have NO prior knowledge, it starts with you from scratch and takes you step-by-step to an advanced level, able to discover a large number of bugs or vulnerabilities (including the OWASP top 10) in any web application regardless of the technologies used in it or the cloud servers that it runs on.

This course is highly practical but doesn't neglect the theory, we'll start with basics to teach you how websites work, the technologies used and how these technologies work together to produce these nice and functional platforms that we use everyday. Then we'll start hacking and bug hunting straight away. You'll learn everything by example, by discovering security bugs and vulnerabilities, no boring dry lectures.

The course is divided into a number of sections, each aims to teach you a common security bug or vulnerability from the OWASP top 10 most common security threats. Each section takes you through a number of hands-on examples to teach you the cause of the security bug or vulnerability and how to discover it in a number of scenarios, from simple to advanced. You'll also learn advanced techniques to bypass filters and security measures. As we do this I will also introduce you to different hacking and security concepts, tools and techniques. Everything will be taught through examples and hands-on practicals, there will be no useless or boring lectures!

At the end of the course I will take you through a two hour pentest or bug hunt to show you how to combine the knowledge that you acquired and employ it in a real-life scenario to discover bugs and vulnerabilities in a real website! I will show you how I approach a target, analyse it, and take it apart to discover bugs and vulnerabilities in features that most would think are secure!

As mentioned you'll learn much more than just how to discover security bugs in this course, but here's a list of the main security bugs and vulnerabilities that will be covered in the course:

● Information Disclosure.
● IDOR (Insecure Direct Object Reference).
● Broken Access Control.
* Directory / Path Traversal.
* Cookie Manipulation.
* CSRF (Client-Side Request Forgery).
* OAUTH 2.0.
● Injection Vulnerabilities.
* Command Injection.
* Blind Command Injection.
* HTML Injection.
* XSS (Cross-Site Scripting).
* Reflected, Stored & DOM Based XSS.
* Bypassing Security Filters.
* Bypassing CSP (Content Security Policy).
* SQL Injection.
* Blind SQLi.
* Time-based Blind SQLi.
● SSRRF (Server-Side Request Forgery).
● Blind SSRF.
● XXE (XML External Entity) Injection.


● Information gathering.
● End point discovery.
● HTTP Headers.
● HTTP status codes.
● HTTP methods.
● Input parameters.
● Cookies.
● HTML basics for bug hunting.
● Javascript basics for bug hunting.
● XML basics for bug hunting.
● Filtering methods.
● Bypassing blacklists & whitelists.
● Bug hunting and research.
● Hidden paths discovery.
● Code analyses.

You'll use the following tools to achieve the above:

● Ferox Buster.
● WSL.
● Dev tools.
● Burp Suite:
* Basics.
* Burp Proxy.
* Intruder (Simple & Cluster-bomb).
* Repeater.
* Collaborator.

1. Introduction
2. Information Discloser Vulnerabilities
3. Broken Access Control Vulnerabilities
4. Path / Directory Traversal
5. CSRF - Client-Side Request Forgery
6. OAUTH 2.0 Vulnerabilities
7. Injection Vulnerabilities
8. OS Command Injection
9. XSS-Cross Site Scripting
10. DOM XSS Vulnerabilities

My name is Zaid Al-Quraishi, I am an ethical hacker, a computer scientist, and the founder and CEO of zSecurity & Bug-Bounty.

I just love hacking and breaking the rules, but don’t get me wrong as I said I am an ethical hacker.

I have tremendous experience in ethical hacking and cyber security and I have over 1M students world wide on multiple teaching platforms.

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