Ultimate JavaScript Arrays

Ultimate JavaScript Arrays

Ultimate JavaScript Arrays

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1.5 hours of on-demand video
● 9 coding exercises
● Full lifetime access
● Access on mobile and Laptop
● By Daniel Stern

How much is not understanding JavaScript arrays costing you every day?
After many years of anticipation, Daniel Stern, aka the Code Whisperer, has finally released the MOST COMPREHENSIVE course on JavaScript Arrays known to the developer at this time.
This is the ONLY course designed to FULLY appraise you of EVERYTHING array-related in JavaScript!
Before this course is over, you'll learn....
● How to create, edit, delete and access array elements
● How to filter, map, reduce and sort arrays
● How to use D3.js and Lodash.js
● So much more
I've spared no expense to create the MAXIMUM number of quizzes and coding exercises possible! It is literally impossible not to understand JavaScript arrays after watching the videos and completing the exercises. Add to this the handouts included in EVERY CHAPTER and you have a recipe for learning of epic proportions.

This course includes EIGHT action-packed chapters including...
● All About Arrays
● Iterating Over Arrays
● Working with D3 and Lodash
● Working with the Spread and Rest Operator
● Sorting Arrays
● And more!
If you want to take your JavaScript arrays, or just coding in general, to the next level, this is the course for YOU!
Why hesitate?
● Never manually write maps or filters again
● Swiftly process data in Angular or MongoDB
● Impress coworkers and hiring managers with your indepth knowledge of JS Arrays
I can personally say that this is one of the most exciting courses I've ever created. I'm confident anyone who takes this course will see a huge improvement in their day-to-day coding.


● Create a JavaScript array in 3 different ways
● Filter unwanted elements out of arrays
● Transform arrays into different arrays
● Reduce arrays to just one element
● Master the map function
● Apply the Rest and Spread ES6 Operators
● Work with D3.js
● Apply several Lodash functions including chunk and intersection
● Remove elements from arrays
● Insert elements into the middle of arrays


● Beginner student with very basic knowledge of JavaScript
● Programmer coming from different coding language who wishes to learn JavaScript
● Intermediate JavaScript Developers looking to take their knowledge of arrays to the next level
● Front-end developers of every kind
● Back-end developers working with Node

1. Introduction to Ultimate JavaScript Arrays
2. All About Arrays
3. Basic array technique
4. Array Iteration and Reduction
5. Sorting Arrays
6. ES6 Array Operators
7. JavaScript Array Manipulation Libraries
8. Conclusion

Known in development circles as “the Code Whisperer," Daniel Stern has been believed to possess a supernatural connection to computers ever since he talked the supercomputer Deep Blue off the roof of a twelve-story St. Petersburg apartment building, following its shameful loss to Gary Kasparov.
He can often be found singing softly to his tablet, or gently caressing his aluminum keyboard in his arms.
Daniel has been working as a front end and full stack developer in the tech industry since 2011. He's developed single-page applications for banks like CIBC, charities like the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research, and at ad agencies like McLaren McCann, TraffikGroup and Olson. Throughout his labors, he's worked on computer programming in his spare time because, well, he's obsessed with it.
In addition to being featured in both CSS Weekly and JavaScript weekly, Daniel is well-known throughout the open-source community for maintaining several open-source tools, most notably the Angular.js and LESS-based tool, Range .css and the Angular .js audio tool, ngAudio.
In addition to being trusted by the open source community to develop top-quality, functional code, Daniel has also been invited to speak at numerous conferences including Full Stack Conference 2014 in London, England.
Daniel is an active learner and very passionate about the following technologies,
- Node.js
- Angular.js
- TypeScript
- MongoDB
- Grunt
- Yeoman
- Many, many, many more

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