Big Picture: Docker and Kubernetes Container Virtualization

Big Picture: Docker and Kubernetes Container Virtualization

Big Picture: Docker and Kubernetes Container Virtualization

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You know that the demand for skilled Docker and Kubernetes container administrators is going nowhere but up, and you want in.
Well, that's a great idea. If there's an application deployment coming to your neighborhood anytime soon, then there's an excellent chance it'll be delivered by way of containers. This brief course won't magically turn you into a highly skilled container admin all on its own, but it will help you understand why all the smart kids are moving to containers, how various Docker and Kubernetes tools work together to make beautiful music together, and which hosting platforms will make the most sense for your project.
You'll learn how to configure and launch real-world container workloads using tools like LXD, Docker Swarm, Docker Compose, minikube, kubectl, and helm. And you'll become comfortable with the form and function behind terms like : containers, containers, control plane, etc, scheduler, nodes, pods, Kubelet, and Kube-proxy.
If you're just interested in getting a quick bird's eye view of the current state of container technologies, then you can sit back and enjoy the journey. But we've also included everything you might need to follow along with the practical demos on your own laptop or workstation. Successfully completing all the reading content, lesson learning checks, and demos yourself will leave you with a strong sense of how containers can improve the work you do.
Either way, you know you'd love to enroll in this course: "Big Picture: Docker and Kubernetes Container Virtualization"


● Understand the things that container technologies do better than traditional bare metal deployments
● Understand the pros and cons of various container technologies, including Docker Engine and Kubernetes
● Interact with technologies like Docker Engine and Kubernetes to deploy simple applications
● Understand the range of available container hosting environments for both testing and production workloads
● Deploy real-world multi-tier container applications in both Docker and Kubernetes


● Project managers researching their next technology adoptions
● Application developers looking for the right deployment platform
● IT professionals seeking to expand their skill sets
● Individuals looking for career advancement

1. What Is Server Virtualization
2. What Are Containers
3. An Introduction to Docker
4. Other Docker Tools
5. An Introduction to Kubernetes
6. Working With Kubernetes
7. Code Snippets and Links

David Clinton is an AWS solutions architect and Linux server administrator. He has written about and published training content (including books with Wiley/Sybex, Bootstrap IT, and Manning, and online courses on BPB E-learning) for many cutting edge technology subjects including Linux systems, Cloud Computing (in particular Amazon's AWS), container technologies like Kubernetes, data analytics, and DevOps tools. More than 60,000 of his books are currently in circulation and his video courses have been viewed by more than a half a million students...just like you!

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