Automate Linux File and Directory in 50+ Ansible Examples

Automate Linux File and Directory in 50+ Ansible Examples

Automate Linux File and Directory in 50+ Ansible Examples

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Learn the Ansible automation technology with some real-life examples.
Every successful IT department needs automation nowadays for bare metal servers, virtual machines, could, containers, and edge computing. Automate your IT journey with Ansible automation technology.
I'm going to teach you example by example how to manage files, and directories, rename, create empty files, and copy between local and remote in Linux, macOS, and Windows operation systems are the most common System Administrator tasks.
Each of the 50+ lessons summarizes a specific scenario about file and directories management: creating an empty file, creating a text file, assigning permission to users and groups, renaming files and directories, removing the files and directory, or copying between local and remote and vice-versa. Another useful administrator tool is to assign permission to files or directories as needed. Included extraction of a compressed zip file or tarball with the most common gzips and bzip2 UNIX formats. Moreover, that is a lesson about file downloading from a URL and verifying the genuinity with the checksum.
You could easily customize the example code with your username and use it in your everyday journey without any additional effort.
There are some Ansible codes usable in all the Linux systems, macOS and Windows, battle-tested in RedHat-like and Debian-like systems.
Are you ready to automate your day with Ansible?

● Ansible in real life use cases
● Mange files with Ansible in Linux
● Mange directory with Ansible in Linux
● Perform modification in files and directory with Ansible in Linux

● System Administrator
● IT Professional
● Cloud Engineer
● DevOps

1. Introduction
2. Install Ansible
3. Ansible Playbook code for Linux
4. Ansible code to intract with Linux filesystem
5. Thank you

I’ve been 14 years in the IT market with a technical background and people in mind. My strengths are Ansible automation, GNU/Linux, and Cloud Computing. I'm a certified RedHat System Administrator. I like to teach and move your skill to the next level! I try to automate as many things as possible because I consider myself a lazy person.

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