Learn Ansible Automation in 250+examples and practical lessons

Learn Ansible Automation in 250+examples and practical lessons

Learn Ansible Automation in 250+examples and practical lessons

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  • By Luca Berton

Learn the Ansible automation technology with some real-life examples.

Every successful IT department needs automation for bare metal servers, virtual machines, could, containers, and edge computing. Automate your IT journey with Ansible automation technology.
I'm going to teach you, example by example, how to accomplish the most common System Administrator tasks.
You will start with installing Ansible in RedHat Enterprise Linux, Ubuntu, and macOS using the most command package manager and archives.
Each of the 250+ lessons summarizes a module: from the most critical parameter to some live demo of code and real-life usage. Each code is battle proved in real life. Every video includes terminal interaction and verification steps. Mundane activities like creating a text file, extracting and archiving, and fetching a repository using HTTPS or SSH connections could be automated with some lines, user management, and interaction with API services; these are only some of the long lists included in the course.
Some Ansible codes are usable in all the Linux systems, some specific for RedHat-like, Debian-like, and Windows systems.
The 30+ Ansible troubleshooting lesson teaches you how to read the error message, reproduce it, and the process of troubleshooting and resolution.
Are you ready to automate your day with Ansible?


● Ansible in real life use cases
● Ansible troubleshooting of most common errors
● Install Ansible in the most common operating system
● Ansible code by modules
● Ansible code specific for RedHat-like and Debian-like systems


● System Administrator
● IT Professional
● Cloud Engineer
● DevOps
● Linux Engineer
● Automation Engineer

1. Introduction
2. Install Ansible
3. Ansible Tip and Tricks
4. Ansible Vault
5. Ansible Playbook code for Linux
6. Ansible Code reuse: Roles and connections with Ansible Galaxy
7. Ansible code to interact with the Linux filesystem
8. Ansible Code to Interact with Linux Storage
9. Ansible code for user management on Linux systems
10. Ansible Playbook Code interacts with Web Services API
11. Ansible Playbook code for Linux Security
12. Ansible Playbook code for RedHat-like systems
13. Ansible Playbook code for Debian-like systems
14. Ansible Playbook code for Suse-like systems
15. Ansible Playbook code for Windows
16. Ansible Playbook code for macOS-like systems
17. Ansible Code For Containers
18. Ansible Code For Kubernetes K8s and OpenShift OCP
19. Ansible For VMware
20. Ansible for Network Automation
21. Ansible For AWS
22. Ansible For PostgreSQL
23. Ansible Troubleshooting of the most common errors
24. Thank you

I’ve been 14 years in the IT market with a technical background and people in mind. My strengths are Ansible automation, GNU/Linux, and Cloud Computing. I'm a certified RedHat System Administrator. I like to teach and move your skill to the next level! I try to automate as many things as possible because I consider myself a lazy person.

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