Powershell Engineer

Powershell Engineer

Powershell Engineer

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Hello everyone, I'm here to present my newest course on BPBELearning, this time about the power of powershell, lately I've been studying powershell for a few months and I was amazed at the power that this tool has on windows, and that's why I spent many late nights studying commands, verbs, etc, I ended up falling in love and that's why I took the initiative to create this course to share this knowledge with you, it's a course with little workload, but with a lot of content. So, let's start by talking a little about this course.
In this course you will learn to master this powerful tool with dozens of interesting commands, let's start with:
In the next ones, we will learn how to recognize the system, know what is installed, about running processes, kill processes, storage information, active port list, tcp/udp, garbage cleanup, public ip information, administer UAC (User Control Account), this module is interesting because it is used for incident response.
In this step, we will learn how to manage users and groups, how to create users, rename, disable, delete, privileges, not only users but also groups.
Here we will learn all about file manipulation, how to create, copy, rename, delete, zip, unzip and much more.
In this step we will learn how to manage Windows Antivirus, this is an extremely important module for those who want to learn powershell, here we will learn how to scan the system, fast/full, offline scanning, scan in fragmented folders, to enable and disable important systems, system monitoring, drive entry, files and much more.
This article provides the basics on how to manage security-enhanced Windows Defender built-in firewall settings and rules using powershell. We will consider how to enable/disable firewall for different network profiles, create or remove firewall rules and write a small PS script to get a convenient table showing the current set of active firewall rules.
And to top it off, let's create some interesting projects, of course, did you think it would just be class and commands? no !
We have projects to do, so what? What are you waiting for to become a powershell engineer?
Because of my job, it was a little difficult to finish this course completely and put it on the platform, so I decided to put it on the platform now and add classes every week.


● Automate Windows administration
● Manage system processes
● Manage security systems
● Build projects with course content


● Systems administrator, pentester, ethical hacker, programmer or a student seeking knowledge.

1. Presentation
2. Process System
3. Manage users and groups
4. File Manipulation
5. Manage Antivirus
6. Manage Firewall
7. Project

Rausson Gouveia I'm a security analyst, I study a lot about ransonware groups and I fell in love with the way attacks are made, the tactics, strategy and methodologies, I read MITRE ATT&CK a lot and then I took the initiative to create this course using the processes for a successful attack, starting with initial access to final impact.

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