Learn How to trade Binance Futures - Technical Analysis

Learn How to trade Binance Futures - Technical Analysis

Learn How to trade Binance Futures - Technical Analysis

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  • By Baeolah Dayo Abdullazeez

How to trade binance USDs M Futures perpetual and Quarterly contracts, with basic Technical Analysis strategies

1. Indicate & Analyze
Price trends
Chart patterns
Using technical analysis indicators.
Volume and momentum indicators
Moving averages.
Support and resistance levels.
Fully understand the Market

2. Technical Analysis (Hands on)
1. Relative Strength Index (RSI)
2. Moving Average Convergence/divergence (MACD)
3. Bollinger Bands (BB)
4. Exponential Moving Average (EMA)
5. Arithmetic Or Simple Moving Average (MA)
6. Support And Resistance(Trend lines)

Analyze using Multiple indicators on Various time frames

Insight into the market, cause of constant price fluctuations and volatility, Fear of missing out (FOMO), Fear And Greed index, Scarcity, Supply and demand

3. How to open a position
Market position/order
A limit/market order
Isolated Mode
Cross margin mode.
How leverage works.
Stop loss
Take profit
Max open
Order book
Return On Equity (ROE)
Liquidation Price
Market Price
Entry Price

How to use the binance calculator:
(II) Target Price
(III) Liquidation Price
(IV) Max Open
(V) Open Price

4. Categories of trading
Scalping/Positional Trading

Who this course is for:

* Beginner and intermediate traders that want to learn how to trade cryptocurrency futures on Binance.
* Binancians.

What you'll learn:

* How to trade binance Futures successfully using basic Technical Analysis indicators
* Technical analysis of how to indicate & Analyze 1. Price trends. 2. Chart patterns. 3. Oscillators 4. Moving averages. 5. Support and resistance levels
* Technical Analysis indicators: RSI, MACD, BB, Trend lines, EMA & MA on different time frames, and how to use multiple main indicators
* How to open a limit/market position on isolated or cross margin mode. Place stop loss/take profit order & How to use the binance calculator


* None, anyone can take this course and learn from it

1. Introduction
2. Section 1 - Technical Analysis
3. Section 2 - Open Long/Short Positions
4. Section 3 - Categories & Types of Trading

Baeolah Dayo is a professional technical analyst, trader and a trade analyst that has an intriguing interest in trade and charts analysis.

[See FAQ below to see in which order you can take my courses]

Baeolah is recognized for encouraging his students through various life changing quotes like:

“The moment you trade based on instincts and not analysis, You switch from trading to gambling.”

He developed interest in teaching how to trade when he realized that many people jump into various trading platforms without proper knowledge on how it actually works and end up losing so much, most get liquidated on their first 3 trades about 70% at the very least. He’s goal is to share his knowledge and properly educate traders on technical analysis and various aspects of trading and crypto currency assets.

During his spare time he enjoys writing, music, reading, developing/creating new ideas, video games, meditating and coding.

FAQ: In which order should you learn?...

How to trade binance futures: start with Binance USDs M Futures perpetual contracts, or Quarterly contracts, afterwards you decide on either scalping or position trading.

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