Learn HTML & CSS From Scratch! The Beginners Guide

Learn HTML & CSS From Scratch! The Beginners Guide

Learn HTML & CSS From Scratch! The Beginners Guide

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  • By Aaron Craig

Many think web development is only for nerds, programmers, or it's just out of their reach for some technical reason. None of those are true!

Anyone can become a web developer, and this course will get you started. If you're a total beginner, someone who's never coded before, then this is the perfect starting spot. In this course we'll cover what HTML and CSS are, how to use both, and how they work together to make awesome websites.

Building wicked cool websites isn't outside of your ability, and you've got start somewhere, so take this course!

Who this course is for:

* Beginner web developers
* Brand new students to web design
Those who have never coded HTML and CSS

1. Welcome to the course
3. CSS
4. Your First Website
5. What Now?
6. Bonus

Aaron's had a passion for technology and games as far back as he can remember. Whether it was playing super Nintendo games with his big brother, or taking apart computers in the dead of night, he's loved learning about how technology works.

Now he's turned that into a job he loves. He graduated with a computer science degree in 2018 and turned his focus to online learning through BPBELearning and YouTube with his personal channel Beyond Us Games.

You'll find tutorials and courses that cover all aspects of technology, coding, and game development. His preferred game engine is GameMaker Studio 2, as it's low cost, and allows anyone to make games with their easy to learn language.

On BPBELearning, he focuses on creating courses about subjects that are difficult to learn on your own, but important to know. Look for game development, web design, general programming, and more as his course catalog continues to grow.

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