Learn To Create AI Assistant (JARVIS) With Python

Learn To Create AI Assistant (JARVIS) With Python
Learn To Create AI Assistant (JARVIS) With Python

Learn To Create AI Assistant (JARVIS) With Python

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  • 1 Hour Run time
  • Instructor - Himanshu Gour
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In this course, you will learn how you can make one Artificial Intelligence Assistant (JARVIS) using Python Programming Language.

This course you will Teach how you can create a basic Artificial Intelligence VOICE Assistant and add basic features to it like sending emails, playing songs, searching on Google etc.
It is a Beginner level course and more following courses will be coming up soon.
No specific skills are required, just passion to learn something new.

Give a moment of your thought to the following question.

● Want to build your own JARVIS AI Assistant? That can do your binding for you just like in movies.
● Are you inspired by the cool technology used in the movies?
● Do you love the AI Assistant used in spy and superhero movies?

If your answer to all of these questions is a big "YESSS!", then this course is right for you and you are in the right place.

After completion of this course, you will learn:
● How to build chatbots?
● How to build an AI Assistant?
● Learn the basics of Artificial Intelligence.
● Learn Basic to Intermediate level python.
● How to transform your Computer into JARVIS?
● How to make the Computer do your work?

Fun Fact: Avengers is acknowledged as one of the biggest franchises ever. Last year, Avengers Endgame became the highest-grossing film of all time beating the Avatar. It included heroes like Iron man, Captain America and Thor. One of the Iron man's power is his advance technology which provides for his personal AI assistant JARVIS.

1. Introduction
2.Text - To - Speech
3. Different Voice options and Speak Rate
4.Datetime Function
5. Greeting Function
6.Speech Recognition
7. Main Function
8. Wikipedia Search
9. Send Email
10. Chrome Search

I am a Computer Science Engineer.
I have experience in IoT, Python, Data Science, Web Developing and learning New Technologies. I am also good at C, C++, JAVA.
I have done many projects on Python development and also some of the AI/ML projects.
Now, the technology landscape has changed exponentially, and I believe that we are moving into a very new and nascent artificial intelligence aware world. Building systems and having meta skills to build interfaces that can interact with machines will help us collectively mature as species.
I am pretty excited about the change taking shape, and sharing information through courses is my way of contributing back on what I learnt. I hope you get value out of the courses I provide, and you gain much more fundamentally to build superior systems

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