Learn To Create Face Recognition Door Lock With Rasaberry Pi

Learn To Create Face Recognition Door Lock With Rasaberry Pi

Learn To Create Face Recognition Door Lock With Rasaberry Pi

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In this course, we have created our own Face Recognition Door Lock using Raspberry Pi and the AWS Rekognition service provided by AWS Cloud.

This Project works using Raspberry Pi Camera to capture the image of the person at the door if the button is pressed and after that, the image is sent to AWS Rekognition Service for recognition of the face of the person with the authorized user’s face and if the face is recognized successfully then the electronic door lock connected to Raspberry Pi is Unlocked for the authorized user to enter in the room.

In case the person is not recognized then the image f that person is sent to the authorized user’s email address.

With the use of AWS Rekognition service, the processing of the image for face recognition is faster as well as more accurate and this makes the project fast, reliable, cheap as well as highly secured as compared to other existing projects.

This development scheme using Raspberry Pi is less power consumption as it can be also powered by a power bank or 5V power supply and is flexible as the size of Raspberry Pi is compact so it can be installed in a small space.

Keywords – Face Recognition Door Lock, Smart Door Lock, IoT, Face Recognition, Security

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AWS Setup
Face Recognition Door Lock

Arbaz Khan, a Computer Science Engineer.

he is experienced in IoT, Python, Data Science, and learning New Technologies. Also, he is good at C, C++, JAVA.

he love to Automate things like Home Automation and other tasks using Python Programming Language.

he is also running a startup named GetSetCode were they are working on innovative real-time projects related to AI, ML, IOT, Automation, and Robotics.

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